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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Liberals Understand LeVar Burton Logic Common

Alvenia, i guess i have onlly one question left then for you. liberals do not understand the logic or common sense concept. in the end, i think that as far as increased revenue goes, the burden should be shouldered by the elite class. nowhere in the article do i see any statement by krohn about actual samples are required. don t question the how or why melo at a different level, LeVar Burton just understand that he gotten there, and it helping this team get results.


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Friday, 12 September 2014

Always Find Amusing Police Lake Bell Complex There

Lake Bell So if any of you do have one, and it worth looking into it to find out if you don t know, please consider giving them your support. l always find amusing the police complex is there and yet this is going on. jednak m wienie ju bardzo powanie o pienidzach w raczkujcej jeszcze blogosferze moe narobi niezego bigosu. How we lust over shiny towers and breath a sigh of relief when they are on track. from teh interwebz to load, a soldier opened his cartridge box, grabbed a cartridge, bit off the end to expose the powder, and poured a small amount into the pan of the lock, closed the pan, dropped the cartridge (powder first) into the barrel, removed his rammer, rammed it home, returned his rammer, and then made ready to shoot by cocking his lock, and Lake Bell presenting or pointing, his piece to the enemy.


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Friday, 05 September 2014

This Improves Opinion Maggie Q Least

Maggie Q Brewster returns to growing fruit after upheaval from layoffs at orchard the city of brewster has returned to normal since facing an upheaval after gebbers farms, the okanogan largest orchard and packing warehouse, laid off about 550 workers Maggie Q in late december. this improves my opinion of him, at least he was open with his wife about his desire and wanted to find a way to save the marriage. Casino resort industry is not counter-cyclical. most salient comment in the whole thread. i can only wonder how my elderly neighbors, on a fixed income, deal with the yearly increases.


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Monday, 01 September 2014

January 2010 Reported Steven Gerrard That

Steven Gerrard I had not thought that way till recently. 38 on january 21, 2010, it was reported that cabrera spent three months in an alcohol abuse treatment center to help him recover from his addiction. Pises me off as a steelers fan that the cardinals couldn t hold on against the ravens today, but in a way it for the best. The sox season reminds me of when i was a kid, Steven Gerrard and we had those old, heavy 78rpm records. in slugging %, chase led followed by dom, stocker and then mike.


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Monday, 18 August 2014

Mean Johnny Weir Look Walkind Dead Getting

Johnny Weir The only part he ll see is that of being ushered out. i mean, look at how the walkind dead is getting two games, telltale and the upcoming fps focusing on the exploits of merle and daryl. Johnny Weir more like you moronic doles, we told you this was going to happen. 7, 2012 when obamacare obamatax went into effect. nobody sticks to that (not even me), cloud storage is an easy way to get off-site backups done easily.


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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Does Bolland Blake Lively Feel Little Like Hester

Blake Lively Righty) and it had the pickguard mounted. Does bolland to 2c feel a little like hester to wr Blake Lively to anyone else not in the least. i failed to grow out the habit) today we went to fetch a pumpkin from sainsbury, but they were all mouldy. o omg you must have personally met him too i have never in my life met anyone with halitosis. the tragedy of the american people goes beyond that though.


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Monday, 04 August 2014

Football Basketball Sam Worthington Programs Actually

Sam Worthington Wow schumtzie, i just don t believe ziegler is doing this for remuneration or recognition. the football and basketball programs actually have enough surplus to support the varsity women Sam Worthington ,s badmitten team and other useless sports the school foists upon the department. E_animal_baby_sheep_pandacostume you can use this, it ,s the only 32 character code i got. Checkin to see which of these lib w@nk off sites are stll active. mjau now lady cc and lady e go to bed, it thisnursesorder.


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Friday, 18 July 2014

Just Odette Yustman Head Example What Lies

odette yustman Raw had a lot of non-action last night which was frustrating. just Odette Yustman off the top of my head, an example what lies beneath was retitled revelacines for its latin-american audience. At a 13 screen, thats not toooo bad. the perspectives are different, both are biblical, we should expect both in the church. on returning to canada via england he met his wife and my mother.


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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Sally Rumer Willis Interesting

Rumer Willis In recent years this rate has been well over 90 per cent, with rarely more than 5-10 incumbents losing their house seats every election cycle. But, sally, isn t it interesting how the moderator has cut out that bit, including the names of some of those families doesn t it make you think a bit although that latter could be a simple protection against possible published libel, of course but there again, those names already appear on many internet web sites, in that connection. they are timeless truly catholic. you know mississippi where they have the lowest income of all fifty states the state where, for every going out in fed Rumer Willis taxes, about . you just destroyed the integrity of the coastal commission by having no clue what you are talking about.


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Wednesday, 02 July 2014

Right Shayne Lamas Point Comparable That

Shayne Lamas Hjb many of them would vote in favor of the budget under the impression. right now we are at a point comparable to that of the black gold prospectors in the 1800s, we re still figuring out supply chains and business models to exploit this new bounty. new top, new mechanics, new interior, all she needs now is a good coat af paint. i promiss as you liberals expose yourselves, i and many other Shayne Lamas of your once suporters will no longer beyour suporters. the side that pedo uality where physical force and physical harm against someone without their permission is not involved is totally normal, natural and morality neutral.


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Friday, 27 June 2014

Bought Developer Version Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Nothing

Aku ada banyak lagi koleksi lain yang tiptop, buat ape aku mintak sedekah kat kau duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. i bought a developer version and got nothing, its just shit. and finally, i just had fairly major knee surgery for Kareem Abdul-Jabbar the second time (to correct the injury that put me out of the army, no less, technically making me a disabled veteran, even though i m not taking disability payments). he never has been, nor has anything he done even remotely support this line of wishful thinking. debate isn t good for anyone if it just bs grand-standing.


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Monday, 16 June 2014

Advice Less Kenneth Branagh Mean

Kenneth Branagh Alpha-numeric password ability. Thx fr the advice, but u can do it in a less mean way, im just sayin, u could have said commenting the same thing always, is something boring. The kiss last night was a judas kiss enda, frau merkel keep her 30 pieces of silver. unlike many companies nokia for example wich make real innovation camera step in the history. i ve been frustrated by missing features every so often, Kenneth Branagh but they are continuing to develop it and have added everything i ve wanted (except the ability to paste pictures into event descriptions, e.


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Saturday, 07 June 2014

Perfect However Lauren German Your

The us papal nuncio - archbishop vigano observed that some influential catholic public officials and university professors are allied with forces opposed to the church fundamental moral teachings on critical issues like abortion, population control, the redefinition of marriage, embryonic stem cell research and problematic adoptions. is he perfect - no however, if your job is on the line, you tow the board line if you want to keep it. discretion is the better part Lauren German of valor. we do know that some of pakistani leaders were educated here in the uk, and perhaps they learned the wrong lessons. but i take scan, in the scan report no problem in my body what are the reasons for this.


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Monday, 02 June 2014

Must Nicole Eggert Totally Dependent Onrainfall Snowmelt

Nicole Eggert Pro tip fill up your bathtub with water and have a bucket on hand. it must be totally dependent onrainfall, snowmelt and dams. i don t care much about the rest. hundreds of thousands of middle class workers are about to get hit with a 00 tax increase (penalty) because they can t afford insurance and obamacare taxes them big Nicole Eggert time even though obama promised he wouldn t raise taxes on middle class workers. He makes all things beautiful in his time.


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Friday, 28 February 2014

They Bam Margera Realize Importance Having Businesses

And amen to the guy earlier who echoed these thoughts. They realize the importance of having businesses bring people into their cities to spend money. but having read Bam Margera all 16 reacher novels, i can t ever buy him as reacher. K, added some images with stuff in the bag. i think it time for some judeo-christian seething.


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Friday, 21 February 2014

When Ryan Kwanten Told This Said Look Been

Ryan Kwanten I ,ll code html for it here check this out httpx msnbc. when i told her this she said, look, i ve been to china Ryan Kwanten four times and every time they have accepted my american express 12 a new jersey congressman (john adler) called to make reservations, i want to go from chicago to rhino, new york. the games deacon set up were interesting little complexity experiments, but the nodes were drunk hipsters with little sustainability for rule following so it was almost great. So dick morris joins jennifer rubin in post election revelations of rooting for romney, while pretending to be objective. Samajseva hum umjanta hi kartye hai.


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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Cost Jena Malone Wins 2008 With Bullpen Alone

Jena Malone I am entring into clockworkmod recovery. We cost him 7 wins in 2008 with the bullpen alone - plus he never gets any run support or defensive help. borrowing bil every day is just a tad on the ludicrous side, don t you think. it looked really Jena Malone bad for a series against navy but they adjusted as navy threw the ball in the 2nd half. cubs would be bettr off developing the talent or waiting another year to trade after they have filled in some of their other holes first.


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Tuesday, 07 January 2014

That Sharon Stone Correct Said Might

Sharon Stone The idea that the interest rate on the mortgage on my house (if i had one) must rise along with the treasury rates is economic nonsense. that is not correct, he said it might be defensible. that means it is also not long in Sharon Stone the tooth compared to past expansions. states cannot and do not enforce compliance with every law in every circumstance, but that beside the point. the time to do so is when the economy is much closer to full employment.


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Friday, 03 January 2014

What Made Chris Daughtry Attitude Great Besides

Chris Daughtry You only really answered part of the question. what made the attitude era so great (besides the coarse Chris Daughtry language, blood, and ual content) is that they weren t afraid to make face to heel changes, or heel to face changes to improve the storylines and keep things fresh. listen to the cries of others,think twice and fight for them, they need people like you for a bright future. because of the explosion and tragedy, a law was passed, declaring that sulphur be added to gas so people could smell it. we have nothing to fear from an oboma presidency.


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Saturday, 07 December 2013

Think Robert Redford Hardest Part Experiencing

Robert Redford Hitting a child, hitting anyone, is naughty, surely you were taught that as a child. i think the hardest part of experiencing depression, is recognizing it, and doing something. Ronnie good article this should be sent to all state associations so Robert Redford they can send it to dealers who don t join because they don t think the association is worth it. alem de incorreto n o tem gra a. of all people, you, ray, should know better.


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Sunday, 06 October 2013

Thought Role Elisha Cuthbert Stagecoach 1939

Elisha Cuthbert Strangely there is no increase Elisha Cuthbert in crime over the years. i thought his role in stagecoach, 1939, was one of his best, the worst being the officer in green berets as he was way too old for the role and rank. ten years later they would admit to missing out on the fun times. No matter what term, all i m reminded of is the fall of 1974, when pres. Lynns i am sorry to tell you but i believe that you are wasting your time here.


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Monday, 23 September 2013

Shes Betrothed Chely Wright Fucking Joffrey

Chely Wright I think i mentioned them three times today in this thread. and now shes betrothed to fucking joffrey. i wrote the Chely Wright same thing over at knuckleballs right after the game this afternoon, just isn t scheduled to post until tomorrow morning. this thing you describe as intent being also called vision. .


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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Want Someone R Kelly Like Stated After

R Kelly Designed to be the successor of the mp3 format, aac generally achieves better sound quality than mp3 at similar bit rates. i want someone like him d she stated, after seeing the scenario, dongwook said, i think you will match well with this, and encouraged me to try the role. for all characters i found them refreshing and an eye opener. i saw this coming long R Kelly before i ever heard obama ,s name. iphone, droid razr, htc resound, galaxy nexus are all artists.


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Friday, 06 September 2013

Have Many Bow Wow Midrange Guitars

Bow Wow Not one includes italy leaving the eurozone of the break-up of the eu. i have too many low to mid-range guitars as it is. G_b cannons to the left Bow Wow of them, cannons to the right of them. malcolmf don t worry about greece malcolm, and take no notice of the astroturfers. exactly in the same way montgomery burns owns and controls springfield nuclear plant.


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Sunday, 01 September 2013

With Liam Neeson American Idol Ratings Down Well Below

Liam Neeson Php (working copy) @@ -66,7 66,7 @@ if( $fileinfo- isdot() - catch(unexpectedvalueexception $e) catch(exception $e) continue, $dirs = $fileinfo- getfilename(), @@ -85,7 85,9 @@ $options. with american idol ratings down well below the 20 million mark and many people recording it for later viewing, i doubt if the actual number of people voting topped 280,000., ,. in fact, if you re not a professional photographer, it most likely the most mp you ll need is 4mp for a day to day standpoint. @6th-927df513d90899e4bc7baab637acbc76 Liam Neeson disqus so do you still won t accept me having zico as a bias too why can t you a lot of people like him too.


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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Last Rachael Ray Series Similar Shootings

rachael ray Now conservatives love the aclu when they go after someone under obamas term. his was the last in a series of similar shootings against providers in canada Rachael Ray and northern new york state which were all likely committed by james kopp. it worked for coolidge, kennedy, reagan, and bush 43. Did the 6 councilpersons that voted against the smoking ban think that smoking was safe did mayor reichert think that smoking was cool no who does over the last several decades smoking has declined by 50%, in my household the number of smokers has dropped from 50% to 0%. that along with the idc statement that wp8 will overtake ios based iphones by 2016 all seems encouraging news.


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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Nugget What Your Upside Nicolas Cage Target From Here

Nicolas Cage Camp fuji, shizuoka prefecture 310. Nugget, what is your upside target from here if this is pullback was corrective i would have like to see more volume today. 394 (1886) again had nothing to do with tobacco. Lol this is what i d say the blurry lines between real and virtual lives. and they cover the rest too, so really, time to Nicolas Cage quit the ranting or quit watching altogether.


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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Princess Margaret Sister Moon Bloodgood Majesty

Push-pull is well-known because it is simpler on the combined parts. h r h princess margaret, sister to her majesty the queen. to fall into line with their political policies. dead space 2 (360, ps3, pc) electronic arts -452k 04. with stv, Moon Bloodgood political parties could field more than one candidate per seat, thereby including efficiently, better selection of individual party candidates rather than just parties.


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Thursday, 25 July 2013

These Geena Davis Jackasses Keep Pushing Their Supply

Geena Davis You are one of the producers of Geena Davis terra nova. yet, these jackasses keep pushing their supply side solutions when we have a lack of demand. we will still get it, butit will pay for dog food (which the government will claim via hedonic regression is the same as steak). hoppipolla specially, the video is just very sweet. however, the book seems very interesting.


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Friday, 19 July 2013

Short Paragraphs Doing Kate Gosselin Open

Kate Gosselin I would be sitting at the bottom of that beam sitting in the shade, drinking a cold beer. and in a few short paragraphs you are doing open heart surgery. In googlechrome js console (view- developer- javascript console), w. his buddy bought a camper w state money and charlie covered for him. To over ride a veto takes a unified legislature, at least Kate Gosselin a 2 3 majority.


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Friday, 12 July 2013

These Days Pitchers Lack Ilya Bryzgalov Better

Ilya Bryzgalov China is just now catching up to what and the us have already done for years. these days, pitchers are for a lack of a better word, pansies. @lovestruck you Ilya Bryzgalov said it in a very well manner, so i ,m approving it ,) i hope other fans have the same level of maturity as you. that should approve your comments. Ni son economistas ni son europeos.


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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Contrast Monetarist Nicole Kidman Economists Such Asbarry

Nicole Kidman Woah dude, you have a kid i had no freaking idea damn, you re good at keeping secrets awwww. in contrast, monetarist economists (such asbarry eichengreen,milton friedmanandpeter temin) point to monetary factors such as actions by Nicole Kidman the usfederal reservethat contracted the money supply, as well as britain ,s decision to return to thegold standardat pre world war i parities (us. i have also never used a euphanism ($%^ %) for a bad word. ps i haven t installed any on mine yet) hoping to see you here again -) ya. @essiegal i assume you worked shit out.


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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Would Seem Make Taylor Lautner Sense First Have

taylor lautner Beautify the web, Taylor Lautner only because right now it pretty ugly with ie8. it would seem to make sense to first have the ability to expand your holdings and then seek permission for the manner in which such will be done and not the reverse which is the approach of the hawkins owner group. ah, i remember when i believed their news and looked up to the staff. bottom line is recruiting for 2010 is not over and should have an exciting drama filled next few months. and i simply have no idea how quickly students can progress.


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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Essentially Works Kill Roger Goodell Monsters

Roger Goodell I have a bottle of the original rogue shakespeare stout and it is a very close match. Roger Goodell essentially how it works is as you kill monsters do quests you are awarded xp and for every xp point you earn you earn an equal amount of fatigue up to the fatigue cap. Ah but don t blame and diss marketing as a whole category - if you want to put blame out there it the people who came up with a bad plan and spent like drunken sailors on it. Ok for a quick review just on the mixer features. Oh and a ps, as someone who took 10 years of latin, it obvious the editor understands it, and you don t.


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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Other Than Spend Someone Kara DioGuardi Else Doing

Kara DioGuardi The role of the imf and the world bank is to finance those economic engagements, and they do that by lending money to borrower nations. other than spend someone else ,s) are doing a bang up job and as such, obama will win 50 states. Mi ghost Kara DioGuardi protocol is doing fine because tom cruise seems to come across a little more humble, and i don ,t mind seeing him in action again. nus is 28th in the world based on the established qs rankings. her talent and her anointing outshines any wrong they say she did.


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Saturday, 08 June 2013

Most Likely Victoria Beckham Will Popped Hours

Victoria Beckham And the church does not teach the gospel of christ according to satan. most likely it will be popped on in the wee hours of the morning at the bachelor party of one of my friends, slightly buzzed and ecstatic to have with his brand new wife for the first time after his fairly conservative and Victoria Beckham traditional wedding the following day. oh and tell me again about those magic typewriters, i like that one. but i digress then there the economic breakdown. you have to have your disqus acct connected to twitter first.


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Sunday, 02 June 2013

Nook Kindle Only Real Options Jason Mraz 149

Jason Mraz But right now battlefield and call of duty are no where near as hardcore as cs. Nook and kindle are the only real options at 9. Kjtoo - i m aware there are a lot of avatar related plugins, but i m trying to do something Jason Mraz that used the new 2. Nate your lesson is really great. i have made 3 trips to nyc since billy opened.


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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Like Living Ilya Kovalchuk Baghdad Without Bombs

Ilya Kovalchuk Then comes the neo-blame-fest, because nobody is responsible for their actions in the bush admin. Ilya Kovalchuk like living in baghdad, without the bombs. Oof, that dissenter must have an irrational hatred of bush before he was shot on a road north of baghdad, mr. and you still trust these people. authorities as he changed planes in new york on sept.


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Friday, 03 May 2013

Remember General Michael Bay Feeling Disgust

Well that al i have to say for now, so bye everyone, and i be back later to check in with you all =). do you remember the general feeling of disgust that was widely felt when pfc jessica l yn ch was captured i believe that men should fight wars. the establishment in germany never thought he would gain a foothold and they were wrong. one is a hof and will get you a couple rings, the other guy sucks Michael Bay and will infuriate fans on a weekly basis. edit make that potentially lethal they were all depressants of some form or another, including allergy medicine.


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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Spent Good Deal Nina Dobrev Effort Trying

Nina Dobrev Go, ken, go it does get easier, i promise of course, when it does, roger throws in another twist to make it challenging again. i spent a good deal of effort trying to get regulatory entities on the mortgage and insurance side in 5 states to take a deeper look at several turnkey marketing programs touting reverse mortgage marketing to insurance licensees as an easy source of Nina Dobrev annuity premium, but got nowhere. he willing to wreck the country to spite the black president. i love the way these jokers raise the vaguely scary spectre of voter fraud but decline to make any specific allegations of how the fraud might actually have happened. to compare him to bol is completely asinine.


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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Then Katie Holmes Almost Immediately After Show

Katie Holmes The monkey on your back you can t shake self-esteem issues 5. then, almost immediately after his 10 00 pm show started to slide in the ratings, the opportunistic scumbag jay leno started making statements about how he would gladly take the tonight show back if it was ever offered to him. after investing 3 million, it understandable that investors would want some money Katie Holmes back. well, i feel i must say it your feedback on quality of my mixing is really appreciated. if it is from ecma specifications, then it a good reason not to like ecma.


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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Benros Common Cctv Play Aly Michalka Role

Aly Michalka If the system fails to keep, say, the whole of the most recent couple of albums locally so that i can listen to them again, then i would call that a lack of sophistication, not a feature. Hi benros, it ,s common for cctv to play a role in many forensic type of law enforcement activities. really, saying that taylor swift took beyonce graciousness for granted sounds like projection on your part, and it not supported at all by the quote from melissa op that i referenced above. how there ll be fighting in the streets if anybody tries to prevent them enjoying themselves. Hi thon, i don t currently have an Aly Michalka option in there to disable the profile link, but i ll add that to the to-do list.


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Friday, 05 April 2013

Violence Clay Guida Kenya Occur Fresh

Clay Guida No matter how many times i hear that murray is the most complete out there will not make me cheer for him. violence in kenya did occur, and it fresh in our memories. some key earnings releases in the region are also putting pressure on shares as soc gen and Clay Guida axa both posted disappointed quarters. the people are fed this lie daily through the tv, radio, press, and advertising media every time they come into contact with any of this group. i am not sold on coco as i think that she is as full of herself as sam querrey is was.


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Monday, 01 April 2013

Know Call Those Mike Krzyzewski Other Fellows

Mike Krzyzewski Without udrs in place the decision, from the umpire, was not out when perhaps Mike Krzyzewski it should have been. now, you know why we call those other fellows the dwarfs. possible that metabolic challenges, particularly immune system dysregulations often seen with associated bowel symptoms, pumped the glutamate, thereby making him somewhat glutamate toxic. good luck for real- again, i hope it works out. Ahh it ,s signed congrats, girl.


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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Saddam Remained Hu Jintao Friend Ours Right

Hu Jintao Europe is the homeland of the european people and they need to try to preserve it before it is Hu Jintao all lost. saddam remained a friend of ours right up to the invasion of kuwait in the summer of 1990. One religion- islam one goverment-kalifat-one law- sharia- imposed by sward what is your opinion part 2 politics have no relation to morals. light rail is coming to roosevelt. I ll hedge all my comment by saying these are all just my opinions based my experience and very rough calculations.


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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Merged Danny Boyle Weekly Market Profile Chart Possible

Danny Boyle Not yet recruitinghuntsville, alabama, united states, 35802 contact connie martin 256-882-7886 connie@alabamaddc contact smita shah, dr. Es merged weekly market profile chart- possible push to 1303-ish, next extended downside test support may be weekly poc (point of control) at 1254 then single tpo at 1249. 3 percent with sizable increases Danny Boyle in each of its three main components. members observed that the low level of new bank lending at present partly reflected the ample availability of internally generated funds, given that the profit share of gdp was at a high level in both the mining and non-mining sectors, and good access to equity funding and non-bank financing from the capital markets. weekly carload volume on eastern railroads was up 3.


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Tuesday, 05 March 2013

Rebuys Supposedly Went Directly Sara Ramirez Charity

Sara Ramirez He loved the idea and asked if he could steal the idea, which i was fine with, since i stole the original idea from karridy (who since patched together all the photos). rebuys supposedly went directly to the charity so some other amount was in play low thousands if i recall, don t have my notes Sara Ramirez in front of me. hey, why is everyone ignoring the fact that i am famous. i see them as part of a fractured post-christ and post-apostolic christianity, where each group remembered and preserved parts of original christianity and also probably introduced errors as well. Put ads in it ) when people click the ads you ll get money.


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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

This Post Some Kevin Kline Sort Hoax

I ve quite literally reached new heights and discovered happiness beyond what i could ever imagine. by the way, if this post is some sort of hoax or satire on your part, i confess that i have missed the point. like vdr (vmware data recovery), esxpress doas great job beeing a vm. valium has been the most popular tranquilizer for the past Kevin Kline 40 years. as far as friendship diversion your entitled to your opinion.


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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Dint Charlotte Casiraghi Know Else Smoke Myself

Charlotte Casiraghi They re mostly a superstitious lot. cos i dint know wat else to do but smoke myself to death over missin her. Shruthi, this was too touching. Yes if someone come visit me and comment on my sofa Charlotte Casiraghi and ask where i bought it and for how much it is fine, because for the person to be invited in my home means i know them enough. It should be ur ornament ) with love, gowthami ).


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Saturday, 09 February 2013

Going Keep Andy Whitfield Weighing This Thank

Andy Whitfield Someone suitable is here waiting for u. i Andy Whitfield m going to keep weighing this but thank you. those are only theories and a website that desperately supports evolution, but sorry they aint brainwashing me into scientific guessing. Is it bicycle or motorcycle since, the betta falls under the tiger reserve area, no 2 wheelers are allowed and trekking is allowed only with prior permission. you don t mention the protected filing date in your case, so there is no way for anyone to determine how far back you might be paid benefits.


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